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Doublecross has been one of the funniest and longest running minicomics in the biz, and finally, there's going to be a mass edition of one of the best parts of the Doublecross saga. Telling a complete story, this hilarious excerpt has us heading to Queens, New York to get a glimpse of Tony's family life, odd jobs, and soon-to-be girlfriends. ... You'll never look at Kleenex the same way again!
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Meet Cathy, Gerty and Sasha, three mature women with one common bond: their absolute obsession with the boy band 110 Percent. Unfortunately, deception is getting the better of them, and throughout the story, relationships will crumble, laws will be broken, and lives will be shattered. Watch as these three friends lie, cheat, and steal to get closer to the band, only to end up further from reality.
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