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Shinobu works part-time at a bookstore with a special colleague. He sees Kobayashi-san as a baby squirrel - cute, cuddly, and crazy about everything... ? "Wait a sec. Kobayashi-san is a man…so cool it! I’m not falling in love with a guy no matter how adorable he is!" Will Kobayashi-san burrow his way into Shinobu's heart anyway?! This debut comic by Nagisa Shinohara features a sweet, clumsy, heart-pounding love story! ?Also included are three one-shots: a yaoi twist on beauty and the geek; a diabolical seme goes after what he wants; and a tarnished knight is rescued instead! Translated by V.G. Jasper; Edited by Daima Delamare; Lettered by Ana Vegara
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