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When Spaceman Jax receives a distress call while delivering zandabite crystals, he literally drops everything to save the day. The transport ship is scheduled to bring his niece Dekkin back from camp, and the disabled vessel is drifting into the Mantagon minefield at the border zone, which the Mantagons are none too happy about. Can Spaceman Jax slip through the minefield and carefully tow the ship to safety – all the while avoiding the angry Mantagons and their Ultra-turbo-zap-guns – and still make his delivery on time? Knowing Spaceman Jax – the hero with a heart of gold and the intellect of a Ploridian Lunar Beast – it’s going to take a lot of sheer, dumb luck. This special Silver Age throw-back is the first comic book tie-in to the 1960s animated TV show, Spaceman Jax and the Galactic Adventures. But don’t worry if you don’t remember it -- the show, like the comics, never existed! Since 2010, Curio & Co. has been creating entertainment collectibles from an alternate history that play with the power of nostalgia and re-create warm memories from childhood. These were the kind of comics that you hid behind the textbook in Mrs. Henderson’s Social Studies class. She’d always threaten to take it away if she saw it again, but she never did. (She was sweeter than we ever gave her credit for.)
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