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Alternative Comics presents the digitally re-mastered edition of Joel Orff's 1993 self-published Strum And Drang #1. In his signature dark and dreamy style, Orff delivers tender stories of self-realization from the antics of childhood memories to the misremembered senility of the elderly and lonely. Joel follow-up book Strum and Drang: Great Moments in Rock 'n' Roll was nominated for the 2004 YALSA Paperbacks for Young Adults list. Orff's book Thunderhead Underground Falls was selected as one of Booklist's Top Ten Graphic Novels of the year in 2008. Since August of 2005 his weekly comic strip Great Moments in Rock `n' Roll has run in various free weeklies, currently appearing every Friday in The Pacific Sun of Marin, California.
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Imagine a cross between American Splendor and Alice in Wonderland...or imagine a cross between Carl Barks and Carlos Castaneda... In Joel Orff's new graphic novel Waterwise he explores these concepts and many more. This is the story of two old friends who are reunited for one night and wander together through a surreal, vaguely apocalyptic landscape, pondering life, griping about their circumstances, and trying to connect. Along the way they explore the nature of dreams, the fragile facade of civilization and the tenderness of a true friendship.
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Great moments in rock 'n' roll. Everyone has at least one. For three years, Joel Orff collected people's stories, illustrated them, and posted them on his web site. Though several of these comics feature well-known musicians, they aren't necessarily about music. They may be life-defining experiences, or they may be small and sublime occurrences that the narrator has never forgotten, or moments that they would have liked to have forgotten, but couldn't, because they made too good of a story. Nominated for the YALSA 2004 Popular Paperbacks Young Adult booklist, Strum and Drang is a funny and sometimes poignant book about people struggling with and celebrating their circumstances, often through unlikely forms of self-expression.
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One of Booklist's Top 10 Graphic Novels of 2008, Joel Orff’s graphic novel Thunderhead Underground Falls tells the story of Jack, a young army reservist who has one weekend left before shipping out for combat in the Middle East. He and a friend find themselves behind the wheel of his parent’s car, driving farther and farther west into a snowy landscape. The book is an impressionistic exploration of Jack’s flight from his future, as well as an exploration of this place that he’s pledged his life to fight for. Jack and his friends want to experience the simple freedom of taking a drive, of seeing familiar things before his outlook is changed forever by the violence that he knows he will soon face. As the hours go by, Jack begins to consider desertion, but he knows that if he stays to hold onto the life that he knows, it will still be changed forever.
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