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2013 Talent Hunt winners DEVON WONG and ISAAC GOODHART bring you the most shocking Darkness and Magdalena story ever told. Set in 1671 Mexico, the story "Through a Glass, Darkly" brings you the story that took place just before THE DARKNESS: BLACK SAILS.
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Based on Spike TV's hit series! 1000 Ways To Die is a compelling look at the science of living, combined with the randomness of death, all with a dash of Darwinism. This shocking graphic novel details twenty random ways unsuspecting people have met their demise while also explaining the scientific causes behind each outrageous death. From snorting bath salts to swallowing jellyfish to purchasing cheap breast implants, you won't believe some of the ways people have actually died!
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Hard to kill! When a walking weapon of war like Bloodshot goes completely missing, you need the toughest of the tough to do the dirty work of bringing him back. Luckily, Project Rising Spirit has just such a team at their disposal - a black budget strike force with capabilities no ordinary soldier could ever conceive. Enter...the H.A.R.D. Corps!
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