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Amidst an undercurrent of female empowerment, vulnerability, and redemption, assassin Dana Valentine is keeping her friends close — and her enemies dead. VALENTINE, a comic book series written and illustrated by Daniel Cooney, is about a female contract-killer named Dana Valentine, who has an addictive attraction to risk and violence in the deadly world of the killing game. This edgy and stylish action series explores the dichotomy of a killer on the job and the mental after-effects of a woman whose morally questionable profession has made her a liability to everyone she’s ever known, not to mention herself. The premise of the story begs to ask if violence can be a force for good and explores the unrelenting resolve of a female assassin. Author Quote: “Valentine is a unique story about a not-so-ordinary woman who chooses to be in extraordinary circumstances. Dana likes playing the role of a badass bitch and thrives off the addictive rush of the killing game. Of course, there’s always a price to pay…” "Striking, Stylish, Action Packed" - Jeremy Nisen, Under The Radar Magazine "Seamy Noir, Ludlum-esque" - Noel Hynd, Author of Conspiracy In Kiev Collects the bestselling and out-of-print Fully Loaded, Red Rain and The Killing Moon editions, completely revamped and re-edited, along with a brand new full-color story, "Plan B For Blonde". 371 pages b/w / color
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Volume 8 collects issues #21-24 of Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume Two, including "A (Bull) Wrinkle in Time," "Change of Power," "Attack of the Replicants," and "Rock of Ages." Presented in all-new color.
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