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You're a yaoi fa, but have you ever wanted to create your own original yaoi manga? Want to learn how to draw cute ukes and sensual semes? Or maybe you might need help drawing kiss scenes! "I have all these ideas, but I'll never be able to draw them out!" Right? Wrong! Are you ready to bring your characters to life on paper? Then channel your yaoi fantasies, grab onto your pen and check out LET'S DRAW MANGA - YAOI! This guide to the world of yaoi manga will teach you everything you need to know about how to create characters that look and feel authentically "yaoi." You will discover how to draw stylish clothes, how to accurately portray different yaoi character types, and what steps every professional manga artist follows to create manga. This book covers all the bases, giving you helpful resources like a yaoi terms list and comprehensive guides to screentoning, panel arrangement, perspective, and more!
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