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Enjoy this Triumphant Tale. American Eddie Moran is about to be captured in Morocco by the French Foreign Legion when bullets start flying at two gentlemen walking right towards him. Saving the men, Eddie learns that one is the US vice-consul, but the other is the recently deposed Berber leader, El Zidan. When a friendship forms between them, Eddie escapes the French with Zidan's help, only to be captured later and taken to the Atlas mountain stronghold of the Black Sultan, the cruel usurper of El Zidan's throne. Not only must Eddie find a way out, he's bent on saving a beautiful American woman kidnapped to join a harem as one of the Sultan's many brides. ALSO INCLUDES THE ADVENTURE STORY "ESCAPE FOR THREE" "Pulp fiction devotees need to put Hubbard's works on their MUST-READ LISTS." -Booklist
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