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"Mary is in trouble, yet again. Somebody wants that data crystal back and will do just about anything to get it. Including chasing her at break-neck speeds through the neon streets of concrete canyons of Megalopolis. And what are the origins of Mary and the deal she made to aquire her Trinity of spirit guides? With artwork by William Blankenship (Doublejumpers), this issue will answer some major questions about Mary, and raise even more about what is really going on. " TM & © 2007 Josh Finney and Kat Rocha. All rights reserved.
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"Crazy Mary is a freelancer, a cybernetically enhanced bad-ass for hire, living and working the mean streets of tomorrow's New York. What sets Mary apart from the average hired gun are her visions. Mary sees an eerie haunting world that exists over top the one we know. She also has a trinity of spirit guides who speak to her, protect her, and are ultimately guiding her toward…well, it's best not to tell yet. Mary and her team do all the dirty jobs –bounty hunting, bodyguards, and even the occasional suicide run. Also, they may possibly be unwitting soldiers in an invisible war that's heavy on the Lovecraft overtones. Or Mary could just be insane and dragging her friends along for the ride. If you liked “The Invisibles” you’ll like Crazy Mary. If you love William Gibson you’ll love Crazy Mary. Or if you just dig compelling female characters that kick-ass you’ll like Crazy Mary. This graphic novel titled, ""By Factory Smoke and Acetylene Light"" is the first installment of the Mary universe. It features stories illustrated by J.K. Woodward, best know for his work on X-Men and Fallen Angel, as well as pages drawn by Ryan Sergeant and William Blankenship (Double Jumpes). Also featured is the 35 five page story, ""Waiting to Explode"" which is co-written by Josh Finney, creator of Titanium Rain and Utopiates." TM & © 2007 Josh Finney and Kat Rocha. All rights reserved.
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