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Scully and Mulder confront a killer computer program in 'ONE PLAYER ONLY'
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TALES FROM THE CRYPT offers its snarky spoofs of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dielite, along with the sequel to Night Traveler from TALES FROM THE CRYPT #7 Something Wicca this Way Comes. The cover-featured Stinky Dead Kid stars in two tales, the first of which follows his transformation from regular kid to a stinky zombie, while Dielite features the lovelorn vampire Deadward, who may be the most self-centered bloodsucker ever. This winter, no young adult best-seller is safe from being CRYPT-ized!
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IDW's final farewell to the Angelverse is full of the creators who have been telling stories about the vampire with a soul from the very beginning. Each tale will be a farewell from the writers and artists who have known him best. Creators include Elena Casagrande, Peter David, Brian Lynch, Jeff Mariotte, David Messina, Stephen Mooney, Daniel Roth, Chris Ryall, Patrick Shand, Scott Tipton, Franco Urru
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