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War Comes to the Advent Universe as the Regime Empire Attacks! Cosmos is an all-new, star-spanning, maxi-series that brings together all of Advent’s cosmic heroes and chronicles the origins of the Advent Universe as events are set into motion that could destroy all existence as we know it! The evil Regime Empire (from Advent Comics' Darklight & Crew) has come to Earth in search of a mysterious relic that will grant them control over the universe! After the events of COSMOS #1, Legend begins his quest for allies to combat a threat from his past but will Nimrod the Hunter and the immortal Nubians aid or side against him! Enigma and Genesis explore the history of the Advent Universe beginning with the origins of Genesis himself. The mysterious Outcast and the cosmic powers known as The Universals convene to stave off a celestial threat and introduce…the Avatars! Also, NMC's Geist and the heroes of the ICC crossover with Advent Comics for the first time! The Advent Universe will forever be changed by this company-wide event! Cosmos #2 features a story written by Tony Kittrell with awesome art by Dody Eka, inks by J.E. Lozano, colors by Bryan Magnaye and lettering by Shawn DePasquale.
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Volume 5 collects issues #9-12 of Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume Two, including the stories "The Path," "Kaddish," "The Quick and the Dead," and "Paris Nocturne" as well as back-up stories by classic and emerging Turtles writers and artists.
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COSMOS: OMNI is an all-new, star-spanning companion to the senses-shattering COSMOS Maxi-Series that brings together Advent's cosmic heroes & reveals the origins of the Advent Universe…and beyond!
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