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Explore the life and times of Caroline Kennedy in the final installment of the first series of the politically themed Female Force, exploring strong women and the events that shaped their lives. From Camelot to the recent election, see the impact that the last child of the Kennedy dynasty has had in shaping the new America!
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This special edition comic book featuring the first family biographies is now together for the first time in this 48-page one shot.
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This 32-page comic book will be telling the story of her life, "Female Force: Hillary Clinton" will explore both sides of the issue, from her positive contribution to the new feminist ethos to the detractors who argue against her attempt to secure the nomination to the bitter end. Though the battle for the presidency now comes down to John McCain and Barack Obama, interest is still strong and steadfast for what might have been the first female presidential nominee in history. Join Bluewater Productions as we examine the enigma of Hillary Clinton.
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