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LAMENTATIONS features reporter Jeremiah Rothstein as he chronicles the aftermath of the events from PANDEMONIUM: EVIL INCARNATE and CHAMPIONS OF HOPE. ACE fights to free L.A. from the West Coast Kingpin of Crime. G-8 battles to stop an international kidnapping plot and faces off against Overkill and the terrorist network known as The Cadre. It's all-out battle in DARKLIGHT & CREW as the cosmic hero Rann Darklight takes on the powerful Regent! Enigma vs. Shaitan! The Crew vs. The Hierarcy! Plus, the introduction of The Astro Militia! TALES OF THE WAR GUARD features Raphael and Uziel of The War Guard in a flashback tale recounting the fall of The Watchers. COVER BY BART SEARS/RANDY ELLIOTT/KYLE AMMON FULL COLOR, 64 PAGES
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