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President Kampton’s life-long goal isn’t just political power, but absolute power. Few obstacles stand in his way save for one super-powered group out to protect the world against the super-criminal epidemic. Unaware of the enemy they’ve made, the group of heroes known as FLIP is betrayed from within and all but destroyed. Years later, at the peak of his career, Kampton decides to tie up loose ends and hunt down the remaining members of FLIP before they have the opportunity to foil his ultimate goals. Can FLIP possibly come back from their defeat and protect a world that no longer trusts them or will they be undone once again by betrayal?
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When 13-year-old Erik believes that he can do anything, he is transformed into Electron Boy, Seattle's youngest and most powerful superhero. Thrill to the adventure as he and worthy sidekicks Lightning Lad and Moonshine Maid battle the nefarious Dr. Dark & Blackout Boy, who have taken the Space Needle hostage and threaten to open an army of infant black holes, jeopardizing all life on this planet!
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