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Rico Brande aka Shooter is recruited by Mistress Sinn to join the world's highest paid and deadliest group of assassins – The Hit Squad! But can even Shooter survive once he learns the secret behind the Hit Squad? Plus, the backup story features the Squad's first appearance from the PANDEMONIUM: EVIL INCARNATE Graphic Novel. This is the first title from the STATUS QUO…SHATTERED! line that features the deadliest assassins of the the Advent Universe in their own book.
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In Pandemonium: Evil Incarnate, Outcast arrived from beyond into the Advent Universe...but he was not alone! Now the mysterious Genesis appears - but is he the catalyst that will save the universe or destroy it? And what part does the enigmatic relic (from the pages of Darklight & Crew) have to play in this cosmic tale? From the very beginning, the unfathomable entities known as The Universals have secretly convened in various matters of cosmic significance in preparation for this moment! The entire Advent Universe will forever be changed by this company-wide event!
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