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Action Packed second issue! Warlash, armored warrior of the apocalyptic future, returns. This issue continues the "Phlegm Fatale" storyline wherein Warlash battles a biogenic beast in the sewers below Pittsburgh. By Frank Forte. In "Enter: The Bladeviper, Warlash" fights a sexy blade wielding villainess. J.C. Wong's art is stunning. In the final chapter of "Grubbs" where Warlash battles a shape-shifting maniac. Art by Steve Mannion. In Wormwar part 2, a Warlash must find out who is building giant worms, by Szymon Kudranski. In "The Demon", Warlash is confronted with a satanic rite and hellspawned beast they have released. And finally "Tentacles", where an injection transforms a bum into something...more, by Nenad Gucunja. Cover by Bruno Werneck.
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