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Omega Comics Presents: Calypso During World War II, an injured U.S. Army paratrooper is rescued and nursed back to health by a beautiful, mysterious French woman. They fall in love and spend the next several decades together, but when a German soldier appears at their door one day, will the veil of their idyllic life be shattered?
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Lifelike is a diverse collection of slice-of-life stories...and beyond. Each vignette, illustrated by a different artist, presents a glimpse into distinct corners of the world outside our window. Not limited to the cliched autobiographical tales so often associated with the genre, the tales in this collection range from noir crime and love stories to war memoirs and humorous conversation pieces. A multicultural, multiethnic cast of characters infuses the book with a realism often missing from today's comics. Lifelike features the work of 11 talented artists from 3 different countries, and an introduction by award-winning cartoonist Derf.
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