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"No sight makes a man tremble more than seeing Mr Toad behind the wheel of a car... On a fine summer day, Mole is busy spring-cleaning his home. When he decides he's had enough of cleaning, he ventures towards a place he has never seen before – the river. There he meets Ratty, and the two of them become close friends, spending lazy days by the river. But then they make the mistake of visiting Mr Toad. Toad is rich, exuberant, but also reckless. When he purchases his very first automobile, Toad, Ratty, and Mole are plunged into a dangerous adventure involving theft , a prison break, and the famous siege of Toad Hall. Since its first publication in 1908, Kenneth Grahame's story has amused millions of readers, both children and adults. Now with cutting edge visuals and a faithful conversion to a new format, Campfire brings you the defi niti ve version of an all time classic."
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