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Join Buffy novelist Nancy Holder as she uncovers the sexy noir thriller secrets of "The Grapes of Graft." The Santa Anita Race track was all the rage - rage, as in a murderous rage - with a nice Chianti. It's up to Domino Lady to reveal her assets to get to the bottom of things!
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The Mighty Crusaders return in an all new lost tale, featuring a stellar cast of talent. With the New Crusaders facing an uncertain future and the truth about their parents slowly being revealed, one man searches for answers. But will the answers he finds be worth reliving the pain of his own past?
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“Legacies” Part Two: The Mighty Crusaders have fallen, and when the next generation rose to take their place, they largely met with disaster! Can Shield salvage what’s left to make a new team of heroes? Or do the teens have what it takes to turn events around?
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