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The long-awaited super-sized, 52-page first issue of Sensational G-Girl is almost here, featuring five sensational tales! First, there are mysteries to be solved when the Sensational G-Girl wakes up out of a sound sleep, and finds herself smack in middle of a mysterious jungle forest, with a beautiful goddess as her guide. Who brought her here? And why? Find out in this brand-new G-Girl adventure, by Dennis Mallonee and Gaetano Petrigno. Then, learn "All About the G-Girl" in a brand-new tale by Dennis Mallonee and Giancarlo Carracuzzo. Thirdly, when Flare and the Black Enchantress decide that Billi Jayne needs a new wardrobe, it's time for a "Shopping Day," by Dennis Mallonee and Henry Martinez. Also, the G-Girl's favorite frenemy, the sinister Spiderbaby, takes on the abominable Ogre in a brand-new adventure by Terrance Griep, Mauro Mandalari, and Daniele Nicotra. And to round things out, it's yet another brand-new adventure, this one by Steve Perrin and James Webb, featuring an untold tale of the G-Girl's grampa, the one-and-only original GIANT! Cover by Gaetano Petrigno
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Billi Jayne is here! It's the debut of America's newest heroine, the Sensational G-Girl, as she enters the wrestling ring to face off for charity against the sinister Spiderbaby! Also, a classic adventure of the savage Tigress.
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