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Before Watchmen, The Justice Machine was one of the most popular superhero titles of the 1980’s. And now they're back featuring their epic battles with the Delta Guard, El Presidente Zarren, The Torchmen, Dexter Deverouz, the US government and even one another! The Justice Machine tells the adventures and various tragedies befalling a diverse group of super-powered members of a law enforcement agency from the planet Georwell as they have been framed and exiled from that planet and must now try to live and adapt on an alternative world called Earth. And while taking up residence in the United States they must prove their loyalties and worth to an American government while being closely watched by a secret agency. Written by Mark Ellis and featuring artwork by Darryl (Green Lantern) Banks, Adam (Wonder Woman) Hughes, Mike (The Avengers) Gustovich and Rik (Captain America) Levins.
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