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Lexi is shocked by the accident she sees on TV. It shows a speed-racing boat tumble through the air. It is the boat of Franco, her soon-to-be ex-husband, whom she'd been living separately from. When she arrives at the hospital the sight of him, covered in tubes and wires while connected to numerous medical equipment sends chills down her spine. It is almost too painful to gaze upon the figure of her husband, who she'd just sent the divorce papers to... She is overwhelmed and confused; she feels both love and hate for this man. She had made this trip solely to talk to him, verify he was okay and offer condolences for their lost friend. However, she's suddenly thrown into a whirlwind of situations, all of which make her love for him grow stronger and stronger. She thinks to herself, Why now? I thought we loved each other truly, but then I saw that picture of you in bed with another woman! Our relationship was supposed to be over then, wasn't it...?
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If you had been to as many school dances as Archie and friends, you’d be an All-Star dancer, too! Lace up your tap shoes and cut a rug with Archie, Betty, Veronica and the gang in a collection of our most spectacular dance stories! From school dances to competitions and everything in-between, these teens have ants in their pants (figuratively, not literally)! Read 100 pages of booty-shaking stories and see why the Archie crew owns the dance floor!
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