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Carrie Hartnoll is a girl going nowhere fast, until a chance encounter with an ex-boyfriend affords her the opportunity of a new career in Ivy League America, working as part of a research team attempting to resurrect the language of Babel – a language, it is theorised, that can be understood by any human, from anywhere in the world. As Carrie pieces together her fractured life, she becomes embroiled in the mystery surrounding the apparent suicide of the project's original team leader, which propels her to uncover the horrific truth about the language and why it was written out of the history books...
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A guardian watches over Tokyo. Nobody knows where he came from. Some say he was created by the Yrei (??), ghosts of the sea, sent to remind mortals that it is they, not men, that control mankind’s fate. Others say he is a freak of nature, a violation of evolution’s natural development and as such, should be captured and studied. Loved by many, vilified by few, he exacts swift justice on those who stand against him. Whatever he is, wherever he came from, one thing is certain... BlueSpear is here to stay.
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