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A guardian watches over Tokyo. Nobody knows where he came from. Some say he was created by the Yrei (??), ghosts of the sea, sent to remind mortals that it is they, not men, that control mankind’s fate. Others say he is a freak of nature, a violation of evolution’s natural development and as such, should be captured and studied. Loved by many, vilified by few, he exacts swift justice on those who stand against him. Whatever he is, wherever he came from, one thing is certain... BlueSpear is here to stay.
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Journalist, James Stanley, is faced with the imminent birth of his child. Having decided to forego the test that would determine whether his child is carrying the all-important "Super-S" gene, which differentiates the genetic makeup of a superhero from that of a normal person, James sets out on a quest to interview forty-five super-powered individuals in the hope that their experiences may better prepare him for the birth of a child that is potentially gifted with extraordinary abilities. On his journey, he encounters characters from all walks of life; from single mothers struggling to raise gifted children, to rebellious super-teenagers, all the way through to those reaching the end of their lives. But what starts as a voyage of personal discovery becomes something far more ominous when he crosses paths with an organization known as XoDOS.
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