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Welcome to the second serving in the Satan comic book trilogy by acclaimed horror chef ROBERT STEVEN RHINE. This twisted horror anthology presents a menu of three tasty tales: For the first course, "Fast Acting Xilotripimene," illustrated by RICH LONGMORE (Iron Guns), an army private is the guinea pig for a top secret drug which prolongs feelings. For the second course we're serving up, "The Haunted Hood," illustrated by STEVEN MANNION (Batman-Gotham Nights), about a family that moves into a haunted housing project where a gang murder just occurred. And, for desert, "Boneyard Tours," illustrated by JACOB HAIR (Maniacs 2), about a Hollywood graveyard bus tour which literally digs up the dirt on deceased stars. The deliciously horrific covers are illustrated by maitre d' mayhem FRANK FORTE (Vampire Verses).
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