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Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Vol. 1 is an original graphic novel set one thousand years before the crystal cracked, before the world of Thra fell to strife and destruction. Original Dark Crystal movie concept designer Brian Froud plots, provides the cover, designs characters, and art directs this beautiful hardcover. Written by Brian Holguin (Spawn), and illustrated by Alex Sheikman (Robotika) and Lizzy John.
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Have you ever wondered how the world of the Dark Crystal came to be? This issue goes over the origins of Thra and Aughra, mother to all, who teaches the Gelflings about life and death. Aughra later has a son, Raunip, and begins charting the stars and suns around Thra. Through her charts, Aughra predicts the coming of the Star-beings, who bring great change to the world.
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