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A young soldier unwittingly uncovers a dark deal made between a Vampire legion and the government he is sworn to protect. After being sentenced to an internment camp following the murder of his commanding officer, the soldier, Rictor Caesaro, finds that - in exchange for special resources - the government regularly supplies humans as cattle for a powerful Vampire cult.
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A special anniversary issue because YOU demanded it! When Dynamite made the move to the Queen Sonja series, fans were left without their 50th anniversary issue! No More! In the vein of Marvel's Thor #600 and Amazing Spider-Man #600 - featuring 100 pages of story and art, including new stories from Arvid Nelson, Kevin McCarthy, Raven Gregory as well as reprinting classic stories by Roy Thomas and all! Featuring 4 awesome covers and a forward by Red Sonja writer Mike Carey! Ask your local retailer for the incredible line-up of incentive covers to complete your collection!
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