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What happens when the World's Mightiest Being's personality fractures? In the wake of the genocidal attack on Earth Alpha by the enigmatic, alien Evolved attack spearheaded by Osr S's companions in the Justice Battalion...Hero finds himself to be the last survivor of his adopted home world. Defeated, tormented and forlorn Hero turns to arcane science to create a being capable of extracting the vengeance that he so deeply desires...Harrow, Destroyer of Worlds. But is Harrow truly Hero's creation? Or is something else at work? Harrow's Story tells the tale of the unravelling of Hero's mind and the creation of the dark, malign and god-like personality Harrow, a being capable of destroying entire worlds in his monomainacl quest for vengeance. Guest starring Dr. Karnak, Tut and the boy king Herthser and introducing Seti IV, Ramses 2 and the beautiful and tragic Stargazer Lacewing. Destruction personified has come to MV4 but will Karnak, Tut and Hertsher be able to survive the attack of the maniacal Harrow long enough for The Infinites to arrive?
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