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This collection of three short stories reveals some of Wulf and Batsy's side adventures. Included are "Them's Monsters", "If You Knew...", and "The Left Stocking". 32 pgs, B&W
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The anthology of the Undead Continues with four new tales of zombie carnage. "Allison" by Frank Forte, Tim Vigil and Joe Vigil tell the tale of a lover who's about to give last rites to his girl, until a demonic force intervenes. In 'Monolith of Death" by Arzynart Studio a group of survivors try and find their place in a zombie apocalypse. Dwayne Harris delivers "Deadcoats" a retelling of Paul Revere's ride though Revolutionary New England. In Rot Clowns, David Paleo gives us a group of undead circus freaks who like to devour the living. Plus pin-ups by Doug Wllliams and Billy George.
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