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Following the events of Book One, Katusha, and her adopted sister Milla join the Red Army and are sent to tank school. Trained to operate the mighty T-34, Katusha fights from countryside to cities, but as in any way there is always a steep price to for victory, and Katusha must deal with her own devastating personal loss. This is a story of courage, survival and family; of self-sacrifice, betrayal, brutality, and suffering; it is a tale told against the backdrop of the bloodiest conflict in human history: the 1941-1945 war between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. Seen through the eyes of a Ukrainian teenage girl, KATUSHA is not only a coming-of-age story, but a carefully researched depiction of one of the most turbulent and important periods of the twentieth century."
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It begins with what the police suspect is a simple grave robbery. Before long Istanbul has been swarmed with flesh-eating ghouls. When three students, Erman, Fuat, and Ali accidently kill their 'infected' landlord, they believe they've committed a murder and call up Erman's gangster uncle to help them out of their bind. With the help of Maho, a Kurdish fighter from the east of the country in town to avenge his brother the boys fight off the walking dead and make it to Uncle Idris' place, where they join up with the old gangster and his non-infected neighbors Adem and Leyla. Together they must work together to survive... While remaining true to the roots of classic zombie stories, ZOMBISTAN focuses more on observing and understanding the motivations of the living, with an undercurrent of social commentary touching on infidelity, urban legends, crime, and civil war.
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