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Love ranges from True to jealous- obsessive to romantic! Celebrate matters of the heart with this collection of Tarot's issues that feature all shades of love.#27: The Goblin Queen" #34 " The Shadow Witch" Part 3 of 4 " Broken Bones" #40:"The Lovers' Card" and #64:"Stay Away from My Girlfriend!
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Vampfire #1: The Demon Key by Holly Golightly. Bethany is half Demon and Half Vampire. Her Boyfriend is the Angel of Death and her Mother, Salome, wants her dead! A Gothic Romance that takes you to Hell and Back.Illustrated in rich black and white art. Fans of 'the Crow', the Warren 'Vampirella' series and Anne Rice Novels will enjoy this Comic. Extended Edition with Pin ups by Jim Balent & Holly Golightly.
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