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At the Gamble Ranch, all of the animals have a special talent. All of them except for Centurion and Emperador, two baby horses delivered by a couple of confused storks lost in a storm. When the ranch owners decide they'll grow up to be race horses, Centurion and Emperador do their best to be the best. Unfortunately, what they prove to be best at is anything but racing . . . An adorable story about finding and embracing your passion, written by Rob and Patricia Schneider, illustrated by Disney and Marvel artist Francisco Herrera, based on the real life dancing horses at the Gamble Ranch!
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Spring, 1986. Marty McFly, depressed because life without Doc Brown is just plain boring, receives an alarming letter from Clara in 1893: Doc has disappeared in the time stream and Marty is the only one who can find him! The first ongoing BTTF storyline from IDW starts here! Collects issues #6-11.
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