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"Indeed, like all of Immedium's books, Space Cadet Topo is an excellent option for parents tired of the repackaged cartoon episode books that fill most bookstores and Scholastic order forms. It passed the key test: My son begged me to read it again after we finished." -Super Punch Space Cadet Topo: The Day the Sun Turned Off stars the brave astronaut Topo (Spanish for "mole") in an out of this world adventure! What would you do if the sun turned off? Space would become an even colder place! Topo hears the news as he works on an orbiting station. Now his mission is to travel to the farthest planet to retrieve the mythic Galactic Flame. If he succeeds, then he must return to set the sun ablaze before everything freezes forever! Accompany the galaxy's newest hero and his amusing robot friends as they save the day. This is "Star Trek" excitement for kids. Science fiction combines with colorfully animated illustration to convey the message that everyone can make a difference. Space Cadet Topo is created by the talented design team DGPH which hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Readers, who are kids at heart and enjoy pop culture art, will admire DGPH's engaging style and boundless imagination. Space Cadet Topo will inspire the next generation to explore the final frontier!
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