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A gothic odyssey intensely influenced by classic horror cinema and 1970s comics and backed by an exhilarating Goth/electronica/metal soundtrack, In Flesh and Spirit gives comic, cinema and music fans alike something to really sink their teeth into. Written by Baron Misuraca, frontman of the renowned Gothic Metal band Vasaria, In Flesh and Spirit chronicles the origin and ongoing saga of Baron Misuraca, vampire. Originally a condemned 14th century musician now reborn in contemporary New York City, Baron is slave to two masters-an insatiable lust for blood and a spiritual quest for redemption. Additionally, In Flesh and Spirit unleashes an array of all-new awe-inspiring femme fatale characters lead by the ultimate antagonist Apathess. In Flesh and Spirit features artwork by the artist dream (or perhaps nightmare?) team assembled specifically for this undertaking. DC/Heavy Metal/Vampirella artist extraordinaire Alex Horley captures the very essence of undeath with his ominous cover.
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