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32 action-packed pages in this 75th legacy issue of Exciting Comics! The thrilling adventures of the legendary Black Terror continue. Crimebuster 76 recruits her super squad's final member, Lady Godiva. The Crimson Scorpion comes face to face with... Cat-Man?! All this and more!
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What is the cost of freedom? Wanted fugitive Livewire has been on the run for months from the authorities for shutting down the country's power in an effort to protect people gifted with powers. Will a shocking offer to go public from a renowned local politician pull Livewire into a political spotlight? Valiant's breakout heroine fights to clear her name in the next electrifying volume from rising stars Vita Ayala (Prisoner X) and Tana Ford (Avengers)! Collecting LIVEWIRE #9-12.
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This brand-new mini-series draws from the life of Hollywood martial artist Oscar Hu and what would of happened if Hu was given the chance to be a “good guy”. The Kung-Fu star screws up again by falling in love with his co-star, who happens to be the girlfriend of Hong Kong’s most dangerous leader of the Triad.
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