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The back story of Alanna Wolff and Jeff Byrd finally revealed in this special one-shot! Jeff Byrd and Alanna Wolff are first-year students at Kings County Law School. They meet in Professor Bainbridge's property law class. Jeff invites Alanna to join his study group, where she tells everyone that the field of law she wants to specialize in is-the supernatural ("Hey, somebody's got to defend them!"). When Professor Bainbridge takes on a client being sued over selling a "haunted" house, he asks Alanna to be one of the students on his team (since he's learned that her father is a judge). The students find out that the property is indeed haunted, by ghostly couple Ned and Noel Thorne. The professor uses the information to present his case. Although Wolff & Byrd part ways from law school, they eventually work together again on a case, which results in Byrd joining Wolff's firm. And as the firm gain notoriety in handling supernatural clients, Professor Bainbridge must endure questions from students who know he was W&B's teacher. We then cut to the present day, and suddenly Professor Bainbridge has need of Wolff & Byrd's services.
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A descendant of the original Victor von Frankenstein, Colin von Frankenstein has created his own monster in his home laboratory in upstate New York. When “Henry” (the monster) yearns for a mate, Dr. Frankenstein creates “Freda.” The couple immediately bond and want to make their relationship official. Imagine their shock and disappointment when the county clerk denies their application for a marriage license—and has Freda arrested for possible public health violations! Dr. Frankenstein calls in Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre, who must deal not only with the case before them but an agitated townspeople who don’t want such an “unnatural” couple in their community. 60 pgs, FC
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