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Life is rarely fair for deadly ditz Bunny, half-dragon Kyoto, and (sort-of) immortal god-child Jin. A soul-controlling demon has an entire town out to get them, and the residents are too evil to stay dead, it seems. Bunny's hidden depths(?!) may be enough to vanquish the demon (whom she calls "Sherri"), but it only wants to control Jin. Other forces want him dead. And OTHER other forces want Bunny dead. Can Bunny be brave, selfless, and above all, annoying enough to survive and save the day? Collects Blade Bunny Vol. 2 #6-11.
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Gina's house has been totaled by a hyper-'roided vampire queen, so she calls in her boyfriend Nez to help. To her annoyance, Nez brings along Ooshoosh scribe (and brief rival for Nez's heart) Portia. To her shock, Portia's called in the best builders she knows: Ooshoosh hunters-turned-pro-wrestlers Mikra and Nadesko, who open up a whole bottle of trouble to kick off a building material quest!
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