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Motofumi Kobayashi's renowned war manga, filled with painstaking detail, returns to the printed page, but at full comic size for the first time ever! In this semi-fictionalized rendition of the Vietnam War, Sergeants Perky, Rats and Botasky comprise the special forces unit named Cat Shit One, risking their lives daily in recon patrol, jungle ambushes, tactical assaults, rescue operations and more. These soldiers may look soft, but their combat tales hit hard!
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"FRANK AND THE PROPER BREAKDOWN OF HIS ORIGIN STORY"-Taking a trip down memory lane through the 1930s, '40s and '50s, we explore the humble roots of Frank Boon, highlighting some of the key events that shaped his character into what has now earned him the distinguished moniker of "Mr. Hard & Practical." Meanwhile, Dixon is confronted by the vioolent Chugwater gang known as the "Hoods" in what is sure to end in epic bloodshed...
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This brand-new mini-series draws from the life of Hollywood martial artist Oscar Hu and what would of happened if Hu was given the chance to be a “good guy”. The Kung-Fu star screws up again by falling in love with his co-star, who happens to be the girlfriend of Hong Kong’s most dangerous leader of the Triad.
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