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Who knew ribbons could be a secret weapon? But these aren't just ribbons; these are electrically charged, telepathic ribbon-tentacles controlled by a fearsome villain dead set on stealing the pods! Could Ribbon Rhonda's secret ribbon weapon force Encounter to give up the protected pods? Encounter is on the case, but will his laundry-inspired ploy be enough to defeat Rhonda? And even if it does, who is the villain mastermind that sent not one, not two, but THREE villains after his pods? Our favorite superhero and his sidekick Barko are on the case, and they'll do anything to protect their friends . . . and the pods!  
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Insect-tacular superhero Rochelle and her friends embark on a spring break vacation like no other in the beautiful Florida Keys. But their vacation quickly becomes an adventure as they delve into "The Legend of Skeeter, the Key West Ghoul"!
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