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  • BUCK #1
  • Publisher: 215 Ink
  • Written by:
  • Art By:
  • Digital Release Date:
    February 15th, 2012
  • Language: English
  • Rated Mature (ages 16+)
BUCK is a comic in the grand tradition of the 'giant monster terrorizes a small town' B-movie. It is a comic book along the same vein as a SyFy Original Film (only without the terrible acting). BUCK is the tale of Sheriff Layne O'Donnell, the man in charge of keeping the peace in the small logging town of Pititchu, Washington. Normally, the worst thing Layne has to deal with is some mischievous teenagers, or an after hours fight at the local saloon. But Layne and his deputy, Officer Mike Peterson, stumble upon a black bear in the woods that has been literally torn in half, the search is on to discover who , or what, could be responsible for it. When severeal local teenagers go missing in the woods, the race is on to find them before whatever killed the bear does. And to complicate matters further, Layne's teenage daughter sneaks off in an effort to find the boys, one of which is her boyfriend, on her own. Little do any of them know that an ancient guardian of the woods has been awakened- a massive Buck with murderous intentions. What follows is a ride through the forests of Washington where man thinks he's in control, but nature has other plans. BUCK is written and lettered by Stephen Lindsay ("Jesus Hates Zombies" "Massive Awesome", "The Devil's Trail") and illustrated by industry newcomer Danny Kelly. Attached you will find the first 4 pages of the comic along with the script for the entire first issue.
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