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"Sepia-tinted imges set the tone for this warm and inviting bilingual fantasy...A line-by-line Japanese translation allows parents of both cultures to offer read-alouds, while end notes define Japanese expressions and explain cultural elements." - Publisher's Weekly This is like Hayao Miyazki meeting the Red Balloon! A growing boy enjoys the ulitimate daydread - to soar like a cloud! Once a baby, now Sora is a boy who explores the world around him. First crawling and then walking, Sora soon learns how to climb a tree. Up there a friendlycloud awaits! Hopping aboard, Sora embarks on a fantastic trip. Curious birds, squealing kites and whispering fireworks whirl by as Sora and the Cloud share a breathtaking adventure in the sky. Along the way the Sora connects his past experiences with the present, which poignantly underscore how joyful memories of childhood and parenthood bind a family together. This wonderful flight of fancy is created in Hoshino's hallmark style: a unique combination of mixed media creates ethereal environments with subtle shading, and contemplative characters who invoke the innocence of youth. Empowering themes of self-discovery, familial awareness, and cultural exchange, with colorfully expressive illustrations will prove popular with early elementary readers and teachers. Also included is a bilingual Japanese translation and informative glossary, which highlight how Hoshino sincerely shares her heritage with readers of all ages and backgrounds.
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