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"This book is a landmark. It does more than illustrate a so-called counter-cultural event. Rather, it exhibits the integrity and singleness of vision of a complete work of art. I think that a sophisticated public is ready for this. It is among the first to get things right. It does not merely display Burning man in pictures or explain it in words: it manifests the spirit of our culture through its style." -Larry Harvey, co-founder and director of Burning Man. The first 2006 printing of Desert to Dream sold out. This new edition adds two more years of photography (2006 to 2009), 16 pages, and two-dozen dynamic images. Desert to Dream features an introduction by independent filmmaker Les Blank, foreword and afterword by Burning Man's Larry Harvey, epilogue by beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and a contribution by Star Trek's Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy. The Black Rock Arts Festival (a.k.a. "Burning Man") is an annual pilgrimage of artists to the northwest Nevada's Black Rock Desert. Culminating over America's Labor Day weekend, Black Rock City emerges as Nevada's fifth-largest metropolis as attendees burn a four-story tall wooden sculpture of a "man," striped in neon and embedded with fireworks. Nearly 200 sensational photographs illuminate an incredible event that now celebrates its 25th anniversary and attracts 50,000 people every year.
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