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"Sid the Squid is the perfect introduction for any child to meet one of the ocean's unlikeliest heroes. I have no doubt that once a child has been initiated into the whimsical world of Sid, the book will become an oft-requested favorite." -Steve Hickner, Director of Prince of Egypt and Bee Movie, Dreamworks Animation A giant squid with 10 arms, Sid, searches for the best job from sea to seashore. But how can a squid out of water find suitable work? Luckily he meets a girl named Alice, who helps him on his quest. Sid's humorous and poignant journey will resonate with readers of all ages. Kids are encouraged to try many activities and pursue their dreams. Meanwhile, adults, who want a steady paycheck but yearn for personal fulfillment, can identify with Sid's experiences of trials, errors...and finally success! Sid the Squid is an inspirational hero for our times. Armed with dexterity and flexibility, Sid has a lot to offer to prospective employers, but he still needs to find the "right fit": a job he can put his whole heart into. Illustrated with naturalistic verve by a veteran artist at DreamWorks Feature Animation, Sid is an expressive character whose silent comedy speaks volumes in the busy human world around. About Immedium Immedium Inc. inspires a world of imagination, and creates entertaining books that have multi-dimensional appeal. Based in San Francisco, CA, Immedium sits on the Pacific Rim, a vibrant intersection for crossover cultural trends from Asia and America. Embracing an increasingly diverse and "multimedia" world, Immedium publishes titles ranging from eye-catching children's books and contemporary non-fiction to commentaries on art and popular culture. Visit us at
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