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Originating from the pages of the multiple award winning anthology, Negative Burn. The Apparition features the Archangel Adriel in various stories of spiritual warfare, human suffering, physical struggles and redemption. The Apparition is a story about human lives. The Angel of Benevolence, Adriel, is one of the seven archangels of Heaven whose main function is to preside over the lost, the downtrodden, the meek, the suffering of children, and the innocent. He is a warrior who is a combatant in the never-ending battle of spiritual warfare. And a war that exists unknowing to normal humans in a realm that is unseen by the naked human eye. This collection features all of the critically acclaimed short stories taken from Negative Burn, as well as the entire original Caliber Comics series. All written by James Pruett (X-Men Unlimited, Black Mist, Kaos Moon) and feature illustrated tales by Gene Gonzales, Craig Brasfield, Matthew Dow Smith and Tyler Bishop with a beautiful painting cover by Michael Gaydos, two time Eisner Award Nominee for his work on Alias for Marvel. “James Pruett’s scripting shows his usual flair for dark drama…” - Sci-Fi Universe; “I read it once. I read it again...I read it again because The Apparition is exceptional. Some of you will be surprised by the depth of art and thought.” - Suspended Animation “Quiet yet engrossing tale of suffering and redemption.” – Previews “Writer Jim Pruett gives us a crisp interplay of believable dialogue, rapidly creating three-dimensional characters in the first few pages.” - Comics Buyer’s Guide “The Apparition is a tenderly well-written human drama…” - New Creation
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