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Zombies in the time of King Arthur's Round Table is the premise of this exciting new comic book series by Ron Wolfe and Dustin Higgins (artists and co-creator of Pinocchio Vampire Slayer). The undead of the "walking starvation" lurch into Camelot in the opening pages of Knights of the Living Dead by illustrator Dusty Higgins and writer Ron Wolfe. The mournful King Arthur has sentenced Queen Guinevere to burn for her infidelity, but her non-too-secretly expects her lover, Sir Lancelot, to save her. And here comes rescuer - Lancelot! - the greatest knight on the greatest stallion, with a horde of the shambling dead behind him...
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Sir Lancelot charges into Camelot in the conclusion of Knights of the Living Dead by Illustrator Dusty and writer Ron Wolfe. But as the greatest knight of all fights through the courtyard to reach the queen, Guinevere, before she burns at the stake, she sees he is not the hero she expected. Lancelot is among the stricken of the "walking starvation." Lancelot - and no one can stop him - Lancelot! ... with a terrible need that has nothing to do with love.
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