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"Mississippi Queen" The teens barely manage to survive an attack while driving through a small city and lose most of their supplies. The bus is deemed unacceptable for our group and when they come across a riverboat on the Mississippi River, they figure it would be safer to be on the water, away from the zombies. Once on the boat, they figure they’re safe. They do not realize that King Zombie is leading a massive army of zombies toward the boat and something like water is not going to stop him.
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In the "Ballad of Luther Wolfe", 'Journal', lost in the jungle and on his own, sees firsthand the terror the Vietnamese villages contend with on an almost daily basis. But he he comes across and appreciates the friendship and loyalty of an army dog named Luther who faithfully serves. See why Max Brooks (World War Z) said Vietnam Journal was one of the 7 Best War Comics ever produced.
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