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Robert Steven Rhine cooks up five tales of twisted terror. Illustrated by Hilary Barta (Spiderman), Steve Mannion (Batman), and Frank Forte. Get ready to party in the Big Sleazy for Mardi-Gross madness. This issue features a terrifying gumbo of mayhem, horror, humor and all that jazz. Zombies, serial killers, reality shows, voodoo, vanity and toxic tennis shoes corrupt this issue. In our first story "Live Nudes", two rowdy college buddies explore the underbelly of Nawlins and wind up gutted; In "Eat Me", two reality show producers give the pitch of their life... or is it death?; Next, in "The Fungus Among Us", a boy's moldy tennis shoes turn into a nightmare for his family; In "Skinned Deep" a decrepit, an old woman longs for firmer flesh and finds it on the jogging path... literally. And, finally a noir horror story "Private I."
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