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The lead feature in this collected work is Magus which ties into the Saint Germaine comic series storyline but stands on its own. The Magus is said to be immortal and secrets are revealed as to how he obtained his immortality. There was a heavy price to pay and now, Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies has come to collect. Will Magus sacrifice his only daughter to this master of the darkness? Also included here are two standalone Saint Germaine stories. "The Tragedy of Falstaff" is based on one of William Shakespeare's most tragic characters. Formerly an influential force with the young Prince Hal, Falstaff is ostracized by Hal when he assumes the throne as King Henry the V. While Henry prepares for his epic battle at Agincourt which led to the eventual unification of his kingdoms of France and England, Falstaff must stay behind and tells Saint Germaine of his tale. Then in "Quasimodo's Tale", over a game of chess with author Victor Hugo the immortal Saint Germaine tells the tale of love and tribulations of the hunchback at the cathedral of Notre Dame, Quasimodo, that ended with tragic results "A jewel of writing and design? a work that dares to dream?" - Lino Terlichi, Drive Magazine. "?taken alternate comics into the next level of storytelling. I am in awe." - Jazma Online
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