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From the producers of Napoleon Dynamite and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart! A group of high school outcasts, each alienated for a different reason, are thrown together as the staff of the school paper. But these kids just happen to live in Creepsville: a small retro-American town where monsters, humans, aliens, superheroes, robots, and mad scientists all live and work together.
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Zak Tyler finds a powerful, yet, kid-sized Alien Supersuit controlled by A.I. technology in his closet. Zak's first notion is to live out his fantasy of being a superhero, and when a dark alien overlord aptly named Lord Dreadnite comes looking for his stolen technology, Zak learns just what it takes to be a real hero as he must fight for the survival of his family - and the entire Earth!
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The story and art appeals to children too, with its mix of Japanese and American influence, with exciting set piece action and the coolest military robots this side of Iron Man. Behind the action is an emotionally engaging story dealing with loss of a child. The main character is revealed to be a girl, offering a positive character for young girls to identify with.
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