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It's a battle for the fate of Earth between a space invading army lead by the ominous being named Goa vs. Earth's defender, Magma, the giant robot--and Mamoru, a news reporter's son, that's caught right in the middle. Can Mamoru team up with Magma to save the planet?
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The Mountain of Life is where humanity and nature gained the strength to thrive from, a mysterious land formation powered with energy to bend the very laws of nature it empowers. A tragic plane accident leads to the death of dozens of families, but eight people survived the accident. When the fateful flight crashed into the mountain, it broke apart chunks of stones that channel a life-giving force in them, bringing eight strangers back to life. When confronted with their aberrational existence, a boy and a girl are forced to make a decision that will affect their lives and that of the other reanimated individuals. Being hunted down by the acolytes of the Grim Reaper, these people live a life beyond their natural time on Earth, but they will see the danger of their unnatural existence. Deputized as grim reapers with a specific task, the boy and girl are now posessed and on a mission: track down the other survivors and take their Stones of Life. Osamu Tezuka recasts the face of death as two youngsters, and their targets range from radio hosts and race car drivers to businessmen and even one that might challenge them to abandon their job and master in a chase for love. If you're already living on borrowed time, death will find a way to track you down and fix the problem, especially when you're one of the Dust 8. A short child, Ichitarou, is a bit bullied in his days at school. He crushes on Tomoko, the sweet girl that sits next to him, but he's nicknamed "Stupid Ichi" by everyone, from teachers to the class bully. When Ichi takes a trip and finds a book about hypnotism, he unlocks his innate ability and proceeds to bend the world to his whims. While Ichi is now the one in power, will he use this absurd ability to rule the world... or save it? This short story from Tezuka shows that "Stupid Ichi" might rise to the occasion, despite his short stature.
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Three extraterrestrials are on a mission to see if Earth is qualified to be part of the Galactic Control which is an order where only certain planets can be part of. If Earth isn't qualified then the planet will be destroyed. To progress in their mission, the three beings abduct three earth animals as disguises for themselves. With their extraordinary powers they already have, they were best known as the Wonder 3. Sentai can be translated to "task force" and a lot of Japanese anime/manga/live action shows are generally aimed at children with the main characters as protectors of Earth where they can transform and gain superpowers. Ever seen Power Rangers? That's a Super Sentai series. Wonder 3 takes place in an alternate Earth in the year 196X and the world is overrun with war and violence. The Galactic Federation consisting of all the advanced species of the universe convene to decide the future of Earth, but due to a lack of information they decide to send an elite team, Wonder 3, to observe human species for one year and determine whether or not humans are worthy of saving. Upon landing on Earth, the three members of Wonder 3 - Bokko, Nokko, and Pukko - disguise themselves as animals and come across the two Hoshi brothers who defend humanity in their own way. With a time limit of one year, what can Wonder 3 learn from the Hoshi brothers about life on Earth?
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