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David Hollenbach is the kind of artist that makes you sit up and take notice of his work. Yes, you've seen the work of Dave McKean and Ashley Wood. But as unbelievable as it may sound, David takes all the best elements of both those artists and squeezes them together into one amazingly slick, unique package, adding up to a fantastic skill set that create some moody and energetic artwork. Also included in this Artbook is an exclusive 7 page preview of David Hollenbach’s latest comic project, Gator Butch, written by Kurt Belcher. Gator Butch is the story of Charles “Gator Butch” Buchinsky, a mutant half-human, half-alligator country boy and licensed ‘Monster Fighter’. To learn more about David Hollenbach, Kurt Belcher and Gator Butch visit
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